Our terroir


In a climate tempered by the nearby estuary, the 140-hectare vineyard occupies plateaux whose ideally exposed slopes receive the midday and sunset sun.

At the exact latitude of several First Great Classified Growths, the plots of land radiate on the magnificent clayey gravel soil of the Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux appellation.


Respecting soil life

Before the wine, before the grape, there is land. Doing everything to protect land’s life and family’s landscape heritage is vital.  As early as the 90s years, the property installed a weather station to prevent risks and reduce intervention in the vineyard.

The property has remained a pioneer in multiplying environmental actions : washing area, grassing every other row, green fertlizer in young vines, insect traps, beehive installations, bat nest, etc. The HVE 3 environmental certification obtained from the 2017 harvest has rewarded decades of effort. The domain goes so far as to offer a sulfite-free wine, called Authentique des Bertrands.

Organice Conversion


Laurent Dubois quickly understood the environmental stakes. In 1996, he turned to integrated viticulture, making him a pioneer in this field.

After years of investment and involvement, Château Le Chêne de Margot (28 ha) obtained the HVE 3 environmental certification as of the 2018 harvest. After this step, it is in all logic that he decides to make the vineyard organic. This conversion starts from the 2020 vintage and will allow the certification to be obtained in 2022.